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Message in a bottle by Ulla Taylor


A small part of my artist residency here in Port Albert for the Creative Gippsland “Come and Play” Program was creating a pioneering 3D streetpainting today for the excellent maritime museum in town. Message in a bottle is about the shipwreck of the Clonmel steamer in 1841 which had travelled from Sydney to Melbourne. The shipwreck lead to the Anglo settlement once safe port was discovered, eventually a major export of gippsland gold and beef and a port of entry to Australia with an immigration barracks. One probably wouldn't expect that from the small fishing village it appears as today.

Image credit - Glen Taylor

Image credit - Glen Taylor

 Ulla has had over 30 years’ experience as a professional painter.  Most of Ulla’s commissioned work has been as a pavement artist creating street murals using pastels and tempera on pavements, which can last many months-years, fading slowly with the effect of the elements.

Ulla usually uses fine art pastels and pigments in a fresco secco technique on various surfaces including concrete, bitumen and pavers.  She also works as a painter, painting on variously surfaced walls and floors.

In 2016 Ulla was successful in being offered a Creative Gippsland residency working in Newhaven. Wellington Shire are thrilled to have her back for 2019, working with the Port Albert community to come up with a great design for the water tower.