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Port Albert Water Tower Project

Port Albert Water Tower Project

Port Albert, are seeking submissions of concept designs by September the 30th 2019

Port Albert is a historical town on the coast of south East Gippsland. They have a water tower that is a blank canvas. They are looking for expressions of interest from artists to paint their tower. The tower is 27.6 metres high and 20 metres circumference. 

It is seen from land and sea which is unique. Port Albert want to make this great big canvas (the water tower) an attraction that will engage locals and tourists, they want locals to smile as they drive past, and to be proud of their town and their history, to stop and look at the images depicted. Port Albert want tourists to come to town to see the art and to get an understanding of the important history of Port Albert. 

Once the designs have been submitted the community will make a decision and choose the final design. 

Some of the aspects of Port Albert that they would like to include in the design
* GunaiKurnai creation story 
* including local flora and fauna.
* Local History ie The Clonmel shipwreck, Fishing industry.
*Colours need to blend in with the surroundings of the tower
ie. no really bright colours. 

Please send expressions of interest to :