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Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Arts Fellowship for Gippsland artists. Updated 1/8/19

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Announcing the Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Arts Fellowship for Gippsland artists

1st August 2019

The Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Arts Fellowship for Gippsland Artists is Open!!

One of the absolute highlights of my year was receiving a phone call in January from Gippsland Artist, Meg Viney - Bell. I've known Meg for a number of years, having worked with her on a project in Yarram around 8 years ago.

Meg rang for a chat and also to see if Regional Arts Victoria

would like to support a gift from her of $10,000 to establish a Gippsland scholarship for Fibre Artists. Meg wanted to give some of her savings to allow Gippsland Fibre artists to have some of the opportunities she had early in her career. I was blown away with her generosity. But Regional Arts Victoria hadn't developed a scholarship before...

My manager, Liz, very excitedly and promptly said yes. Our CEO, Joe, said yes and we set about learning how to put this all together.

In May at our AGM at The Stratford Courthouse we officially launched the Meg Viney-Bell Fellowship for Gippsland artists.

There have been so many tears of happiness along the way and we are so thrilled to be working with Meg, Simon and Erin from Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale and our amazing team at Regional Arts Victoria to bring this generous and beautiful opportunity to Gippsland.

And today the applications are officially open!

Saturday 25 May

Regional Arts Victoria and Meg Viney-Bell are pleased to announce the inaugural Meg Viney-Bell Fibre Arts Fellowship for Gippsland artists wishing to grow their practice, explore their work, and develop new skills.

The intention of the $10,000 Fellowship is to revive fibrearts as an art form in the region supporting artists towards public presentation through exhibitions, artists’ talks or workshops.

The Fellowship was announced by Viney-Bell in Stratford today as part of the Regional Arts Victoria Annual General Meeting and Member Celebration.

As a fibre artist, Meg Viney-Bell concerns herself with the ‘nature of containment’ and what that means for emotional, spiritual and physical security. Her sculptures suggest that all life comes from a vessel, as something that holds and nurtures lifeforms from gestation to emergence – be it an egg, a cocoon, a uterus, a bud, a seedpod, a shell – the reality is Universal. Her work visits this central theme throughout her arts practice.

“The beauty in fibreart is of the physical and personal process of the artist. It is a rich cultural skill to work with natural materials in developing works of art that prioritise aesthetic value over utility. When artists come to me for mentorship or guidance, what grows is their authenticity and integrity of practise. It is a wonderful method of artmaking that is unique to the individual and their own cultural connection.” says Viney-Bell.

Administered by Regional Arts Victoria, the Fellowship opens on Thursday 1 Augustfor artists residing across Gippsland who have a minimum two years’ experience in fibrearts.

”This is a wonderful opportunity for Gippsland artists, and an extraordinary gesture by a local practitioner,” says Joe Toohey, Regional Arts Victoria Executive Director. “We’re thrilled to be supporting Meg in realising her ambition to see fibrearts thrive in the East of our state.”

Later Event: 7 July
Membership Subscriptions due now.