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Miniatures in May

Miniatures in May

Judging Results

Judged 8th May, 2019

Congratulations to all the artists who entered this year’s Miniatures! Our job as judges wasn’t easy due to the large number and high standard of entries! As judges we initially looked at all the artworks independently, then short-listed artworks that were on all our lists, and then refined our results from there.

Honourable Mentions:

  • ‘Woodside Landscape’ - Artist: Bianca Biesuz-Stefani.

“We loved the sense of depth in this piece and attention to detail. The unusual timber base and framing works well.”

  • ‘The Landscape’ - Artist: Julie Lundgren-Coulter.

“This is a successful composition with a lovely use of colour in the foreground. A great sense of depth is achieved too.”

3rd place: ‘Green Croaker’ - Artist: Cathy Trembath

“This piece is very well composed and shows strong use of the media, with successful use of colour and attention to detail.”

2nd place: ‘Dandelion’ - Artist: Sue Juha

“This photo is beautifully composed, with excellent focus and use of line. The tonal contrast and sense of movement is just wonderful.”

1st place: ‘Contemplation’ - Artist: Veronica Clarkson

“This piece displays an excellent use of collage media, with small pieces of printed paper working very successfully into the overall composition. The title is very fitting as you are drawn towards the figure’s eyes. Fantastic use of line and colour too.”

Judges: Kim Baggaley, Justin Holt, Andrea McCallum.

Miniatures in May 2019 poster v2 KR KB.jpg

1st Prize: “Contemplation” by Veronica Clarkson



A. Davis, Inverloch - ”Love the Miniatures in May” … 10 May 2019

L., B. and K. Fear, Yarram - “Great exhibition!!!” … 10 May 2019

Catherine V., Won Wron - “Love the variety, especially the leatherwork” … 10 May 2019

Pat P., Yarram - “Wonderful!!” … 11 May 2019

M. Stackhouse, Yarram - “Great variety; Lovely to see some stitching; Well done!” … 18 May 2019

C. Macaulay, Hiawatha - “I loved Evelyn Lay’s work… and everything else!” … 19 May 2019

Fowler family, Yarram - “Great range and high quality” … 26 May 2019

Ian H., Yarram - “Love the Miniature exhibition - Thank you” … 1 June 2019